• For lean muscle growth and recovery

    For lean muscle growth and recovery

    Protein is the fundamental building block of our muscle tissue. In order to rebuild leaner, stronger muscles it is crucial that you consume adequate amounts of protein to support growth and recovery. Black Widow Protein products contain specialised protein ingredients that are naturally rich in amino acids that allow your body to start the rebuilding process faster, so that you get maximum muscle growth and can get back to training faster. Black Widow Protein epitomises the highest food technology; we choose only the best raw ingredients and process them in a pharmaceutical grade facility.

  • For maximum performance and accelerated results

    For maximum performance and accelerated results

    When you exercise your body uses two different kinds of energy systems, aerobic and anaerobic. During intense exercise such as lifting weights, short sprints and power activities you primarily use the anaerobic system, which requires no oxygen, but does require certain micronutrient elements including creatine. When you access your aerobic system, primarily during activities of longer duration and lower intensity, you use oxygen and carbohydrates as a primary source of energy. Black Widow Performance products contain specialised natural, highly absorbable, instantised micronutrient ingredients that help support these energy systems and their functions. This means that you maximise your performance and exercise potential.

  • For defining muscle and stripping fat

    For defining muscle and stripping fat

    In order to get lean, maximise muscle definition and strip fat in the fastest possible time, you need to first maintain lean muscle tissue. This is because muscle helps regulate the metabolism and the rate at which you burn calories. Black Widow Ripped products provide the ideal blend of top-notch proteins and cutting edge ingredients to help maintain lean muscle tissue, burn body fat and maximise lean muscle growth and recovery. To strip fat and increase muscle definition Black Widow Ripped products are enhanced with specialised ingredients.

  • For fast extreme muscle growth

    For fast extreme muscle growth

    To achieve maximum muscle growth you need to ensure you are putting enough protein and carbohydrates into your body every day. Black Widow Mass products contain a specialised blend of high quality proteins for accelerating lean muscle growth and specific polymers (carbohydrates) that ensure adequate glycogen stores for maximising energy during exercise and assisting cellular energy during recovery.